Why Fernando Torres won’t be leaving Chelsea

Chelsea FC 360

The Road Ahead for Fernando Torres

Peter from Sportige.com says that Torres leaving is almost impossible due to financial reasons:

The main reason for Chelsea looking to offload Fernando Torres are his wages, but that also makes him almost impossible to move. Recent rumors linking the Spanish striker to Valencia might make sense from a footballing standpoint, but financially this deal just doesn’t make sense.

Valencia aren’t selling their best striker, Roberto Soldado, because of some immense pressure and a growing desire on his side to leave. They’re in huge debt, some saying as much as €400 million, forcing them to once again give up on one of their best players, like they have over the last four seasons with David Silva, David Villa, Juan Mata and now, probably Roberto Soldado to Tottenham for €30 million.

How does Fernando Torres fit into all of this? He doesn’t, really. But when looking for potential replacements, Torres will always be…

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